If you need any clarification as to our privacy policy, contact us at legal@fundamentalx.co.uk.

Data Protection

We do not share your data with anybody. Your email and password are the only two sensitive pieces of data that we hold.

The password is for your own protection. The email is so we can fullfill our obligations to you as customer, of keeping you fully informed as to any changes to our products and services.

We will inform you immediately of any data breaches to our systems.


As mentioned above, we may contact you by email from time to time on any matters relating to your account or products you have access to.

We may email you periodically to see if you still wish to continue using our services. An unsubscribe option will be available with every such piece of correspondence.


A single session cookie is created when you login or register. Its sole purpose is to allow you to access our products and store data between screens to maximise functionality.

The cookie will automatically be destroyed when you logout or the session has expired. It will expire automatically within an hour if your account has been idle.

No other cookies are stored or created and certainly no third party cookies are loaded.

We do not track were you come from or where you go to.

Financial details

No financial details are held in our systems. All purchase transactions are handled by PayPal.

Account Closure/Data Opt Out

If you longer wish us to hold any of your details, email us at support@fundamentalx.co.uk and we will cancel your account and erase all your details from our systems.

Contact us at legal@fundamentalx.co.uk if you need more details.