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Answers to all your questions. Email us your question if the answer is not here.

Why use it? >>

It’s the quickest way to get a spreadsheet full of "Analyst Ready" XBRL data from the SEC. Four clicks is all it takes - one to search, one to select a filing, one to process the data and then one to download!

Whats with the new website box design? >>

The boxes enable us to deliver all the info you need to know wherever you need it, be it on the desktop, mobile device or application sidebar. They work on every page so no matter whether you are searching filings, researching one of our products or figuring out a FAQ, you can see additional relevant info in one of our magic boxes.

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What should if I do if there's an error? >>

Please tell us about it and we will try to fix it.

How do I register? >>

Fill in your login details in the login section and press the Register button. You are now logged in. Your email address will ONLY be used to update you about any changes to the application. You will be automatically logged out if the web app remains idle for an extended period and you will be reminded to log back in again.

I've lost my password or want to change it >>

Re-register using the same email but with a new password.

How do I purchase your products? >>

Use the "Buy" link above and choose the product you want. All transactions are handled by PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay this way. You can just use an existing credit card directly through PayPal.

It doesn’t do everything I want! >>

Let us know what you want it to do and we’ll see what we can do.

What do you mean by Analyst Ready data? >>

Data which is comparable and transparent. That's what's locked inside all those impenetrable XBRL files a company is required to file with the SEC, which brings us to the third requirement for "Analyst Ready" data. It has to be somewhere where you can instantly analyse it. Where better than a spreadsheet.

What data gets downloaded? >>

Every section of data included in the XBRL filing and every XBRL value for each of the reporting years.

Where are all the other answers? >>

More questions & answers are on the way.

How do I search for filings and load up an X Sheet? >>

Login or register and the Search box will pop up.

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What are the Filings buttons? >>

These select each of the five Filings. When you see the companies box or the filings box, select the one you want and then press the Filing button for the row you want it to apprear in.

Why up to 5 filings? >>

Five is a meaningful number but is actually an arbitrary limit. It does mean however that download or processing times shouldn't too long. If you need more companies you can do that from within the downloaded X Sheet or even download another sheet.

How do I a compare a company against its peers? >>

Well first off, you've got to find its peers. This is very easy with XBRL XL. Load up a company and its SIC will automatically appear in the search box. Click on the Co Name above and its name will disappear. It will now search on the SIC and bring back companies with the same SIC. The company you want is not on the list? Then broaden the SIC search by removing digits from the end of the code.

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X Sheet

What is it? >>

It's XBRL to XL but without the "to". Now you can import XBRL to XL data directly into your spreadsheet model without leaving Excel.

How do I get it? >>

Got to our Products page and download it. To get the full benefit, it is worth considering purchasing standiZd to make sure you get all the tagging you need.

Do I need anything else?>>

To import something other than the example filings included in the downloaded sheet, you will need a token. This you get when you login or register on this website. The first box in the login section will contain a number. You insert this in the Token cell in the Search Tab of the X Sheet . The default token is zero and it will always return the latest 10-K for Microsoft.

How long does the token last? >>

The token is valid for one day (or forever if you decide to get our standiZd data and are in credit). After which you simply need to login again on the website to get a new token. We want you to keep coming back to the website so you are always fully informed of what we are upto and the latest resources available to you. We have many more exciting developments in the pipeline and we don't want you to miss out.

How do I get my old Xbrl sheets to work with the new downloads? >>

You just need to make a very simple change to each Filing tab. Change the "ValCol" Named Range (which tells the formulas which is the first row of values) from ='Filing(1)'!$E$1 to ='Filing(1)'!$F$2 in each sheet. Filing number will obviously be different for each sheet. We would also suggest upgrading to the latest sheets as this is where our focus will be going forward. Email us if you need help.


I have loads of questions about this exciting new product >>

Thats great. Lots of answers are on the way. Email us if you can't wait.