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Version History

1.51 - 10/02/2016.   Option to download XBRL to XL data in an Xbrl sheet from the website. Eliminates need to return to website.

1.50 - 19/12/2015.   standiZd launched, providing the option to purchase and access our premium value added data through Xbrl sheet.

1.41 - 16/09/2015.   Additional "sign" column added to Xbrl sheet. These represent presentational adjustments specified by the filer and help to clarify the sign of the value.

1.40 - 30/12/2014.   Xbrl sheet beta pages available providing access to standardised tags alongside reported tags. This version trails new XBRL to XL Ecosystem in which all products will be available through Xbrl sheet.

1.35 - 05/07/2013.   Xbrl sheet pages activated allowing direct downloads from Excel using a token. New front page created to showcase all products with latest news updates.

1.30 - 28/02/2013.   Sector3 added to XBRL to XL, allowing business segment data to classified and downloaded into pivot tables for sector analysis.

1.20 - 24/09/2012.   Quarterlies fully implemented. Web interface can search for and download 10Q's alongside 10K's. A new template has been designed explicitly for analysis of quarterly data and is downloaded if 1st filing selected is a 10Q.

1.15 - 20/09/2012.   Upgraded the processing engine to handle 10Q's as well as 10K's.

1.14 - 17/09/2012.   Added some new DEI Fundamental X extensions to provide key reference values such as date of filing and period length in months. And certain DEI values were not displaying, as they had dates that did not correspond with the downloaded columns. These are now shown in 1st column regardless of date. Also various minor bug fixes.

1.13 - 09/03/2012.   The perculiar way that certain companies such as AT&T and Oracle were defining the presentational relationships between items was causing them not to be displayed in the correct presentational order and/or with missing labels. Now fixed.

1.12 - 22/02/2012.   Minor bug fix. Fixed some problems relating to as reported data labels.

1.11 - 14/02/2012.   Minor bug fix to prevent Excel cells from being overloaded with textual data.

1.10 - 13/02/2012.   As reported data item descriptions (or labels) added to XBRL downloads.

1.00 - 31/01/2012.   Major release creating the ability to build & download comparative spreadsheets pre-loaded with XBRL data.

0.21 - 12/01/2012.   Further comparative spreadsheets made available for download using "Arelle" as the source. See blog post - Looking up XBRL in Excel

0.20 - 06/01/2012.   Added ability to directly download SEC instance document by clicking on date for each filing. Compliments existing ability to view EDGAR index page for a filing by clicking on company name. Example comparative spreadsheet also made available for download using "Arelle" as the source.

0.11 - 01/12/2011.   Bug fix. Fixed formatting problem with "Periods before" date in Search form.

0.10 - 24/11/2011.   Initial release. Search on ticker, CIK or company name to first select company and then 10-K or 10-Q by date to download XBRL spreadsheet directly from SEC website. Clicking on the filing type (e.g. 10-K) causes the download to start.