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Just register or login above to access unlimited ordinary XBRL filings in Excel. Download them either as spreadsheets directly from this website or directly from Excel using the token shown above upon login. Every registration comes with a free credit to use our standardized premium service.
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Pay Per Filing
Just pay for the filings you download. Pay for credits in bundles. Each credit is equal to one download. Unused credits never expire so you can use them whenever you want. Credits are added to your existing registration so no need to register for a new account.
10 Filings - 10 credits for 10 filings. Press the Pay Now button to buy. We will credit your account and send an email with your new token. Token will never expire whilst you're in credit. $3
25 Filings - 25 credits for 25 filings
If you need more why not get unlimited filings for only $8.
Unlimited Premium Filings on a monthly basis  
One Off - yep that's right you don't have to subscribe! You just pay for a months worth of unlimited filings just when you need them. Again we send you a token which is valid for a month from the date you paid. $8
Monthly Subscription
Cancel at anytime. Money back guarentee.
Yes this does mean you'd pay nothing for a months access to our premium service if you decide to cancel before the month is out. You of course can cancel at anytime after that and not have to a pay a dollar more than you've already paid.
Annual Subscription
Substantial saving! Save 20% by paying on a yearly basis.
You can cancel a subscription at any time.
If you are unsatisfied with the service during the first month of your subscription, to get your money back, please contact us directly support@fundamentalx.co.uk